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‘Kalybos in China’ London Premiere
Date: 10 – 25 June 2015
God’s Solution Centre, a UK faith-based registered charity and licensed sponsor with the UKBA under the points- based system, is collaborating with Kofas Media to present: ‘Kalybos in China’ London Premiere from the 10 to 26 of June 2015.  This event is aimed at bringing entertainment, comedy and knowledge to African in the Diaspora, especially the youth populace in London.   
After the blockbuster launch at the renowned Silverbird Cinema in Ghana’s Accra Mall, Kumasi, Takoradi and Cape Coast in April 2015, Kofas Media / Kofi Asamoah Films in conjunction with God’s Solution Centre presents the highly acclaimed ‘Kalybos in China’ London Premiere.
Starring the hilarious Richard Asante, populary known as Kalybos (of Boys Kasa fame), ‘Kalybos in China’ is a 90 minutes Ghanaian romantic comedy movie. In this rib-cracking love story, Kalybos attempts to buy the love of his dream girl, Ahoufe Patri, with his wild ideas and adventures.
After countless failures to propose love to her, Kalybos decides to take a new turn, which he is certain will get him closer to the heart of Ahoufe Patri. Patri doesn’t notice the love Kalybos has for her. Then the Only Bos with one S decides to travel oversees to seek greener pastures and make a more responsible life. He is certain that a change in his career could do the trick. Though not too enthused about his final destination abroad, Kalybos arrives in China. He doesn’t know anyone there and cannot understand their language or even read it. Yet he must survive to achieve the reason he is there. In his search for his dream, he becomes a victim of circumstance. Now his dream turns to be, to get back to Ghana safe and alive.
Known for its interest and involvement in spearheading youth movies/comedy and series production, God’s Solution Centre is proud to sponsor ‘Kalybos in China’, London Premiere.