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‘Gospel Youth Festive Musical Explosion: Awards & Fundraising Event’

Date: 10th December to 27th December 2014
God’s Solution Centre, a UK faith-based registered charity and licensed sponsor with the UKBA under the points- based system, is organizing a Gospel Youth Festive Musical Explosion and Fund Raising Event from 10 December to 27 December 2014.  The event will be graced with a live Open Mic  show by Let’s Vybe Entertainment to raise funds for  God’s Solution Centre (Charity) youth programme/activities in the London Borough of Southwark in the United Kingdom.
An invitation has been extended to Groove Zone Records (KayWa), and a sponsorship is being granted to the entire team of 6 including team leader David Kojo Kyei.
·         To set the pace for a sense of community gathering towards the upcoming festive season/celebration;
·         Create a platform for the youth of our community to have a glance of studio production and performance, at first sight from the perspective of the Groove Zone Records (KayWa);
·         Provide a workshop opportunity for our young people to experience practical hands-on-deck at studio work/production;
·         To award potential, promising and outstanding behaviour, involvement and performance of young people in our community during this festive season;
·         To avert youth crime during this season by proving a period of entertainment for our community youth;

·         To raise funds for God’s Solution Centre charitable activities geared towards young people in the United Kingdom.

Community members and groups are invited to attend to contribute their best ideas to make the event very successful.  The general public is also expected to be in attendance.

                       Date:         10th December 2014 to 27th December 2014.

Thank you.