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God’s Solution Centre & JA Films Group

‘London Abrabo’ (The London Life)
Movie Premiere
Date: 13th – 27th November 2015
God’s Solution Centre, a UK faith-based registered charity and licensed sponsor with the UKBA under the points- based system, is collaborating with JA Films Group to present: ‘London Abrabo’ (The London Life) Movie  Premiere from the 13th to 27th of November 2015.  This event is aimed at bringing entertainment, comedy and knowledge to African in the Diaspora, especially the youth populace in London.   
To premiere the movie: "London Abrabo" (The London Life), and to raise funds in support of God' Solution Centre youth community activities.

To educate community youth on the importance of living and leading a purposeful life, achieving set targets in an appropriate and most convenient manner, also having in mind the relevance of other lives that surround you, as a young person.

Create awareness for young people in climbing the educational ladder to the best of their ability.
Known for its interest and involvement in spearheading youth movies/comedy and series production, God’s Solution Centre is proud to sponsor ‘London Abrabo’, Movie Premiere.